We, as modern LAN- & Bootcamp-Provider, try to give you the best experience at our PRACCSTER Lan-House. We provide you with new & fast hardware aswell as with a comfortable interior at our house

144Hz Screens & DXRacer Chairs

We provide you with 144Hz screens by BENQ made for eSports. Every place got his own DXRacer Gaming chair, guaranteeing you a comfortable gaming session.


Our LAN-House has a highspeed Internet-access with over 200Mbit/s downloadspeed & 25Mbit/s uploadspeed, so you are able to stream on any streaming-service.

High Tier Gaming Computers

Our 5 standard LAN-seats got a computer with the following settings each:

  • i7 7700K
  • msi GTX 1070 8GB
  • 500GB SSD by Samsung
  • DDR4 16GB 3000MHz G.Skill Ripjaws

Kitchen & Chillout-Area

We provide you a new furnished kitchen and a Chillout-Area with two couches and a 63-inch TV. There is also a balcony and an outside-area for BBQ.


All computers got a fresh set-up on your arrival with common games already installed. Get your mouse, headset and keyboard plugged-in and you are ready to play!

Bedrooms for 7 persons

We provide three bedrooms in total for a number of seven persons.

Two times a two-person bedroom and one three-person bedroom.

Bootcamp with

your team or friends

Check out our offers right now and find the right one four you!